Chat with us, powered by LiveChat You may have 5 pages of writing. Tables and figures are not included in your page count. What to include: Title Page and Table of Contents Introduction: What is your paper - Payper Homework

You may have 5 pages of writing. Tables and figures are not included in your page count. What to include: Title Page and Table of Contents Introduction: What is your paper

You may have 5 pages of writing. Tables and figures are not included in your page count.

What to include:

Title Page and Table of Contents

Introduction: What is your paper about? What are the goals of your paper? Give enough background information to get your reader up to speed. (Briefly) What do you find?

Literature Review: Highlight research/findings related to your research question. Discuss what they found and how it relates to your research.

Data: Where is your data from? How was it collected? What variables are you including? How are they measured? How many observations do you have? This is likely a good spot for a good summary statistics table or useful figure.

Methods: What are you trying to measure and how are you going to do it? This is where you present and explain your model. Any sources of bias should be discussed (which of our assumptions do or do not hold in your model).

Results: What do you find? How can your results be interpreted? Are they causal? Include results table with regression output.

Conclusion: Briefly restate your motivation, approach, and findings. Discuss how future research could add to your discussion.

References: APA list of citations. Alphabetical. Hanging Indent.

Topic Information:

Research Question (what relationship are you interested in studying?): How will Covid-19 fatality rates be affected by corresponding policies?

Link to Dataset:

Covid-19 case fatality rate:


Proposed X Variables: Different corresponding policies, for example, face coverings, stay-at- home restrictions and so on.

Proposed Y Variable: Covid-19 case fatality rate


Research Question: How will Covid-19 fatality rates be affected by corresponding policies?

Literature Review Source 1:

APA Citation:

Goutte, S., Peran, T., & Porcher, T. (2020). The role of economic structural factors in determining pandemic mortality rates: Evidence from the COVID-19 outbreak in france. Research in International Business and Finance, 54 doi:

What did the authors find:

The authors find that the mortality rate of COVID-19 is mainly related to economic poverty and housing affordability, which indicates that the mortality rate of COVID-19 will be higher when the government implements policies of social distancing and lockdown. In addition, some unstable factors and inhospitable areas are at greater risk in the case of COVID-19, and the government should also set other corresponding policies.

How did they find it (data/methods):

At the beginning, authors compare a total of 66 variables, and then use PCA to select the 30 variables closest to them. Authors do the p Principle Component analysis to get the best variable characteristics. The figure shows the variable sets of eight departments in two dimensions. It can be found from the figure that there is a significant difference between variables of one department and others. Second, the authors found that a department characterized by low levels of education and wages also had the highest COVID-19 mortality rate. It also suggests that a difficult economy could increase the death rate from COVID-19.

How does it relate to your research:

My topic is about the impact of government policies on the mortality rate of COVID-19. There is information about social distancing and lockdown in this article. It is also important to address the impact of COVID-19 on the economy, education and housing.

Literature Review Source 2:

APA Citation:

Zanettini, C., Omar, M., Dinalankara, W., Imada, E. L., Colantuoni, E., Parmigiani, G., & Marchionni, L. (2021). Influenza vaccination and COVID-19 mortality in the USA: An ecological study. Vaccines, 9(5), 427. doi:

What did the authors find:

Authors look at vaccination rates and death rates from COVID-19 among people 65 years and older, and find associations between them. In the experiment, the vaccination rate is taken as independent, and the death rate of COVID-19 is taken as dependent. The relationship between the two is inversely correlated in the results, so other potential issues need to be investigated when studying the impact of vaccination rates on mortality from COVID-19.

How did they find it (data/methods):

First, authors collect vaccination rates and COVID-19 mortality rates among the elderly before December 14, 2020. At the same time, because some social environment and other factors need to be considered, a group of potential problems are also included, which can make the experimental results more accurate.

How does it relate to your research:

Vaccination against COVID-19 is a policy that governments are very keen to encourage participation in, and it has a very direct correlation with mortality from COVID-19. So I think this article is quite consistent with my topic.

Literature Review Source 3:

APA Citation:

Olukayode, J. A. (2021). Effectiveness of face coverings in mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic in the united states. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18(7), 3666. doi:

What did the authors find:

In this paper, the author mainly collect the number of people wearing face covering and the number of confirmed COVID-19 patients from April 1 to December 31, 2020, and the relationship between them increased in inverse proportion, indicating that wearing masks plays an obvious and necessary role in protecting against COVID-19.

How did they find it (data/methods):

The author examine the number of confirmed cases in each U.S. state, including a control group called FC (mandatory mask wearing states). Then, the collected data were used to make a table and the R2 value was calculated, but the R2 value was smaller, especially in summer. The increase in the number of confirmed COVID-19 patients in different seasons was calculated respectively. The slope of the equation represented the change rate of confirmed COVID-19 in time.

How does it relate to your research:

Face covering is a very basic protection, but it is also very effective. The research in the article also clearly shows that wearing masks can effectively reduce the number of people diagnosed

with COVID-19. There is also a strong correlation between the number of confirmed cases and the mortality rate from COVID-19, so I think this article matches my topic.

Literature Review:

COVID-19 is a highly transmissible disease that is spreading rapidly across the globe,

posing a major challenge for the 21st century. Governments around the world adopt a number of

policies to control the spread of the disease and to reduce the mortality rate from COVID-19. In

order to understand the relationship between the policy adopted by the government and the

mortality rate of COVID-19, I take the corresponding policy as independent variable and the

mortality rate of COVID-19 as dependent variable. Meanwhile, there are other hidden social and

environmental issues that need to be considered in the research process.

Goutte, Peran and Porcher (2020) consider that during the French government's policy of

social distancing and lockdown, the death rate from COVID-19 was very high (Goutte, Peran &

Porcher, 2020). In fact, most people believe that limiting social contact is an effective way to

control COVID-19, so governments in many countries are encouraging citizens to stay at home

and maintain social distancing, so there will be a lockdown policy in place when the number of

confirmed cases rises dramatically. The results of Goutte, Peran and Porcher's study are due to

the presence of many unstable indicators. People with difficulties in unemployment, housing,

poverty and education are at greater risk (Goutte, Peran & Porcher, 2020). Therefore, the

government should know more about the corresponding population and provide better policies

for this. Lockdown and the relationship between maintaining social distancing and COVID-19

mortality rates will be researched once this issue is considered.

Olukayode (2021) suggests keeping physical distance has widely practiced in daily life,

but the use of facing covering has not been fully accepted and is a very controversial issue

(Olukayode, 2021). Because COVID-19 is a new virus, there is no specific drug for it.

Olukayode uses data on COVID-19 infections between 1 April and 31 December 2020 to

compare the effectiveness of face covering (Olukayode, 2021). In the results of the study, it

discovers that the effectiveness of face covering fluctuated in different quarters, but overall it is

effective in controlling the incidence of COVID-19, which should be encouraged after the end of

compulsory quarantine.

The older people have higher mortality rates after contracting COVID-19 than other

populations, as a result, the government is more encouraging the elderly to be vaccinated

(Zanettini, Omar, Dinalankara, Imada, Colantuoni, Parmigiami & Marchionni, 2021). The

authors take the COVID-19 vaccination rate as independent variable and the COVID-19

mortality rate as dependent variable, and find that the two were negatively correlated in the

results. The effectiveness of the vaccine varies from person to person because some older adults

already have chronic underlying conditions, but the overall structure of the study was relatively

effective, boosting immunity against COVID-19.

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